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Jan-Willem Breure (traditional name Nsekanabo), born in Rwanda, Africa, exemplifies possibility, resilience, and a keen desire to be a voice for people.

Despite early adversities of the loss of his mother during childbirth and an unknown father, along with shouldering discrimination in his formative years, he became an award-winning film director, founder and producer.

Providentially, Jan-Willem was adopted by Johan Breure, a pastor in the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands, and Johan’s wife, who served as missionaries in Kenya. He grew up in Kenya and Namibia, and relocated to the Netherlands at age 13.

Never to be limited by his humble beginnings – or by those during his youth who called him primitive and mocked him with monkey sounds – he graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, where he earned a degree in Interactive Media Design. He went on to utilize his education and his fortitude to launch his company, JW Productions.

His vision includes founding and directing the Septimius Awards— an international award ceremony held in Amsterdam which showcases feature films, documentaries, shorts, animations, television series and screenplays from around the world. It celebrates diverse and emerging talents in the film industry, including Emmy, BAFTA, and Oscar winners.

Jan-Willem’s intention is to give people, especially those otherwise under-represented, a platform to share their talents and their culture. The innovative framework of the Septimius Awards includes uniquely organizing award categories, such as Best European Film, Best American Film, Best Asian Film, Best African Film, and Best Oceanian Film, aiming to foster global representation.

Jan-Willem expanded his dedication to the film industry by founding Septimius Pictures, a non-profit organization dedicated to international major film productions. With a specific focus on promoting African culture and history, Breure continues to be a driving force in enriching and fostering inclusivity in the film landscape. (https://septimiusawards.com)