Jury Rules – Septimius Awards

Article 1 Jury & Scouts

1.1 The prize was established by the Septimius Awards.

1.2 The winners of the Septimius Awards receive trophies. Nominees receive certificates.

1.3. The Septimius Awards is awarded to a film and talent in 30 categories in competition form. The Lifetime achievements awards is the only non-competition category.

1.4 Scouts recommend nominees. The jury process the scouts recommendations. The Septimius Awards has scouts in five world regions: Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Oceania.

1.5 The jury decide the nominees and winners of the Septimius Awards.

1.6 The members of the jury are excluded from participating as nominees.


Article 2 The Jury & Scouts; composition and deliberation

2.1 The jury and scouts are anonymous. Their identity remains anonymous in order to minimize external influence

2.2 The jury and the scouts do not receive financial compensation.

2.3 The jury deliberate and vote using a point system. The nominees with the most points win. Internal jury reports are created, no external jury reports are published.

2.4 The jury judge nominees on based on originality, creativity, storytelling, cinematography, acting, direction and impact.